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Since I do most of my hauling on my other bike now, I don't need the extra storage on the SV anymore and have downsized to a small tail bag.
Case is an E340 (34L). Was able to fit a full face with room for some softgoods leftover, or tons of room for whatever while riding. Gallon of milk? Sure, with room to spare. I actually kept a beach towel in there to keep stuff from rolling around.
Setup was installed 2 seasons ago and has seen about 4k miles, always garaged so no fading or discoloration - other than a boot scuff where a backrest would be ;-) Fresh pics on request.
Mounting rack and plate currently sell for $170. It's VERY sturdy and mounts solidly to the frame. Easy to manipulate the back by just the rack. This also serves as the base if you want to add the side case carriers from Givi. I licked using it to lash down a duffel bag.
Case I bought new for $143, around $90 used on Ebay currently. The case also came with a universal mount that can be used on a second moto adding versatility to the case. Comes with 2 original keys

Best ebay pricing i can find puts this all around $275, used.. So lets say $200 + shipping, lower 48 only. Local pickup is fine also, San Jose, Ca.

Need to get some boxes together for dimension and weights, but PM me if you're interested with a zipcode and I'll get you numbers as soon as I can.

Here are pics when installed..

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