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Need some help and replacement links if possible. Now the story:

I am getting my daughter's '09 SV650S ready to sell for her and it had some junk in the tank. I puled everything apart and cleaned the tank as well as the sticking TBs but it still wouldn't fire.

I pulled the pump and cleaned all the gunk per a prior thread I found, put it back together with clean fuel and same condition. I pulled the plugs and cleaned them but still no luck. I then put a little fuel direct into the TBs and was able to get it to fire but it never stayed running so I am wondering if the pump itself is plugged with gunk.

I cleaned everything else and had good flow out of the plastic HP assembly. I can hear the pump initiate at key on, have enough fuel but it still won't fire. All fuses are good, relay clicks, pump whirs, etc. so I am thinking there has to be a blockage somewhere that won't let the pump draw but how do I test this out of the tank?

What are my options? I could use a link for a shop manual too if you all have one to share.

Thank you in advance!!!!

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I then put a little fuel direct into the TBs and was able to get it to fire but it never stayed running so I am wondering if the pump itself is plugged with gunk.
Did you try to run a fuel volume test?
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You might find a copy of the manual here.


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You want to test the pump as an assembly in the tank so it's drawing fuel as it would with the bike running. This depends on how handy you are because you have to make a pigtail to run the pump.

With the tank propped up and a decent amount of clean fuel in it:
  • Disconnect the fuel line from the tank.
  • Connect a length of tubing from the tank outlet to a gas can or other suitable container. Clear tubing from the hardware store works well to see what's flowing thru it.
  • Make a 2 wire pigtail that you can attach to the pos & neg wires in the pump side of the electrical connector.
  • Attach the other ends to the corresponding terminals on a 12V battery. The one in the bike works fine. Again, make the correct connection so the pump spins the correct direction.
  • Run the pump.
  • If fuel issues at a rapid rate, the pump is not the problem.
  • If fuel trickles out or doesn't flow at all but you can hear the pump running, the main fuel filter canister is most likely clogged.

You can disassemble the pump and backflush the canister. I've gotten lots of nasty crap out of that canister on a bunch of bikes. Most recently my SV which had a seized pump when I bought it.

This place has good fuel pump replacement parts for good prices. Unfortunately, the filter canister is not available. The do have pre-filters available in 3 packs for routine maintenance.

Quantum Fuel Pumps

If the pump is running fine then the issue is further down the line, potentially with the injectors as mentioned.

You can make an injector tester and cleaner out of a 9V battery, tire valve stem and a few wires too. I added a momentary switch so I could cycle the injector without disconnecting the wires.
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EDIT: If you're looking for a manual, I downloaded mine from this website.

Carl Salter

He's got a TON of 100% free manuals available for download. It's mostly older stuff like pre-2010's but again it's all free with no BS like a lot of other supposed free download sites. I can't tell you how many manuals I've gotten here.
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