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I’m working on getting a gen 2 track bike back on the road. Turns out this bike has parts swapped from different models all over the place. The latest surprise is the front end.

The bike is a gen 2 but I just realized the whole front end is from a gen 1. The front wheel is bent and I had ordered a gen 2 wheel off eBay to replace it before figuring this out. So now I have a nice gen 2 front wheel with a brand new tire mounted that I can’t install just yet. I suppose I have two options to move forward.

Option 1
Use the gen 2 wheel. From what I’ve gathered I would need new spacers to make it fit in gen 1 forks since it has a bigger hub.

Option 2
Buy another gen 1 wheel and swap the tire over.

I know the speed sensors are different but that doesn’t matter bc I need to buy one regardless of what option I go with as the bike does not currently have one at all. I also have rotors for either gen wheel.

I’d prefer Option 1 but I’m wondering if there is a spacer kit already available. If not, can anyone here make them or has made them before? Or does anyone know the dimensions I would need for these spacers to be made?
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