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Super hard to find Gen 1 SV650R GSXR rear wheel complete.

This comes complete with all the spacers, the machined caliper hanger and sprocket carrier with sprocket, cush, rotor, a bent-to-fit torque arm and of course his custom spacers.
All are hanging on the axle in correct orientation ready to install.

I think I had to flip the front sprocket or replace with a gixxer one. Don't quite remember, but I'm sure folks on the board knows.

The wheel comes with a near new (under 500 miles) Pirelli Corsa 3 rear tire. It did have a nail hole plugged professionally (I never had a problem with plugged tires, but I know some folks do).


Local SF Bay Area pick up preferred, but will consider shipping if no locals want it.

Included also is a bent torque arm

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