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2000 sv 650
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Hi ,
Paddy here
Looking to get into doing a few track days and a bit of racing down the line .
Purchased this absolute nugget of a gen 1 for 600 quid
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

She has been sitting for a very long time ,
6 years . With this in mind I went out and bought a spare engine for 250 quid with all the auxiliary bits and a cheap set of fairings
Automotive tire Bicycle part Sculpture Gas Bumper

Now time to ask you SV gurus for your input about a few ideas / problems
1.Front Suspension is shot ,
I've seen a lot about gsxr forks but production rules state needs to be off same bike but the year doesn't matter ,
Will the front end off a 2009 gen 2 sv fit straight on with no hassle ?
Will gen 1 wheel and brakes fit OK ?
Looking at buying forks ,triple , brake master and lines for about 300 quid .
2. Rear shock
After much trawling the forum I've been told that a shock off many bikes will fit so after looking thru the buy and sell I've found 3 options
03 gsxr 750 is a decent upgrade also only 80 quid
01 zx6r shock semi decent 60 quid
10 + zx10r ohlins electronic controlled 600 quid
Any other decent options with good value I'm open to suggestions 🤔
3. Rearsets
Will rearsets from a gsxr bolt on to the sv ?
4. Wiring harness
Would anyone know how much of the original harness I need to keep and can you bypass the key and just have a start stop button ,
Any diagrams / links / tutorials would be helpful
5. Seat cover
Looking for a decent gen 1 pillion seat cover as I aim to keep the subframe and seat unit standard ,
For convenience and to retain the original seat to prevent arse ache 😂

Thanks a million and I hope to keep posting about progress as "el nugget" build continues

2000 SV650
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#1- Why go with used stuff that might be junk when you already have that? There are many options to update and greatly improve the forks you have and will be better than any stock SV forks you can put on. I have Matriss internals in my gen 1 and they are tits.
#4- Be careful what you eliminate from the wiring harness. Most track/race orgs require a kill switch of some kind.

Have fun with it. My gen 1 is an absolute hoot on the track! Suspension upgrade is a must........
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