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Hi All,

I've been a very happy Gladius owner now for just under 2 years. Absolutely love the bike!! This is my first road bike, I've grown up riding trail bikes & completed advanced defensive riding courses in Bali :icon_biggrin: "scooter hire"

I have the LAMS model, which is a detuned version in Oz for learner riders. I now have my full UN-restricted and am looking to replace the ECU from a "full power" version Gladius. After searching through the forums, I have came up with the following:
* ECU OEM P/Number required: 32920-44H10 (non cali version)
* SV650 ECU not compatible
* Found new from the USA for US$800
* Piggy back ECU will not remove the detuned maps

If anybody has some more info/advice in completing this that would be appreciated! Also if anyone has a 2nd hand full power ECU for a Gladius please PM me as I would most certainly be partaking in a purchase arrangement!!!

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