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Hello everyone!

Im new here and I just did my first full carburetor clean on my 2001 sv650s. Its the first time ever I'm working on carbs. I am a bit lost how to deal with gas coming out of the needle jet at idle(1300 rpm). I saw this when trying to sync the carbs. The bowls were a bit messy with varnish before cleaning but I made sure to clean all passages with carb cleaner and compressed air afterwards. I replaced the float needle seat and the float needle. I removed some crusty deposits on the needles and polished them with some steel wool, was that a mistake?

Its has:
done about 74000 kms
138 main jets
17.5 pilot jets
I think a dynojet needle with the clip on the second slot from top
A/F mixture screw was set to 3 turns out so that is what I set it to as well
G.P.R muffler with full exhaust
K&N filter

It was dyno tuned 2003, I have a dyno graph so I assume they tuned it well with the jets, needles and A/F at that time, but maybe someone has serviced it since and changed stuff. At least the dyno paper also states 138 main jets.

Floats were at 7mm and I raised them to about 7.5mm in case it would help with the gas coming out of the main needles at idle. It seemed to help it abit but still gas coming out. I assume it's not supposed to have gas come out of there until the throttle is opened and the needle slide moves?
Did I mess up the needles by polishing them? Can the needles, and possibly the seats for the needles, wear out so they need to be replaced? Should I move the clip to the top slot on the needle or that won't affect anything with the idle? Should I raise the float even further from the lip of the bowl? 7.5mm seems to be the maximum in the manual.

Thank you for any help! / A lost newbee

Short clip showing gas coming out of needle port at idle:








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Hi Nordic Man, welcome to SVR. It looks like you are well on your way to becoming a carb expert. How is the bike running? Is the gas coming from only one carb or both?

@Straticus call your office.

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Check with a magnifying glass for any debris or tiny metal burrs on the needle and it's seat. You can light sand with fine grit paper or polish them with Metal polish.

Re-Blow out all the carbs and lots of Carb/Brake fluid and an air-compressor if possible. Do not raise the floats any more. If they are not working at the specified service setting then doing so is just delaying the problem until it comes back.

Check that the Float needle valves and seats are not worn or any corrosion in them. Here in the UK the SV650 carb kits off eBay are fine to use to replace these parts and I advise that,

Check the throttle cables are operating totally freely as well and are not snagged or any tight bends in them.

Bookmark this page as Parts-fiche can be a great addition when servicing,

Also download this picture( Right Click-Save-Image-As) as is good to know how the fuel system works/flows,

HTH :)
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