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I can get pictures if you're serious.

Best way to contact is [email protected]

Paypal is [email protected]

Here goes: Time to clean out the basement/garage:

50 mm Clipons. Not sure what brand. Includes 1 new vortex bar and one off brand bar. $55 Shipped

06 GSXR OEM 600 Clipons: Like New, both sides. $55 Shipped

XT Lap Timer: Older model, not pretty, no manual, works fine. $75 Shipped

AIM Lap timer: $75 Shipped.

Vesrah RJL Pads for 98-09 R6 or 98-06 R1. New In Box. $90 Shipped SOLD
Vesrah RJL Pads for 98-09 R6 or 98-06 R1. Used for 3 trackdays, Practically New. $70 Shipped. SOLD

Chicken Hawk Digital Tire Warmers. Extremely good shape. Only small issue is the plastic box that holds the digital controllers has one snap that doesn't work the greatest. No burns, nice and clean. $425 Shipped.

1st Gen SVS OEM Rearsets, pedals, etc. Missing one footpeg and brake pedal is bent. Well used by straight except for the brake pedal. $50 shipped for the lot. SOLD

04-06 R1 Triples. Has Tapered roller bearing on lower tree. Has been drilled in the past for handlebars. Not pretty, but straight. $40 shipped.

R6/R1 Wheel. Painted bright silver. Straight. $150 shipped.

R1 Rotors: Straight, typical nicks & Scratches on carriers. $80 shipped.

04-06 R1 Calipers Machined to fit 04-05 GSXR 600/750 front end. These will bolt straight up to your 04-05 GSXR front end with your stock 300 mm rotors, no spacers required. Includes used Vesrah RJL pads, 1/2 life used in them. $80 Shipped.
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