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Just wanted to let any other SV1K owners know that wheels from a GSXR 600 can and will fit on your SV1K. Just for a frame of reference, I swapped wheels/tires from my 2001 GSXR 600 track bike to my 2003 SV1K street/track day bike.

The rear was no issue at all, all spacers and brake disc lined up perfectly.

The front wheel worked fine as well, with the exception that I had to take off the rotors on the GSXR wheel, and replace them with the rotors from the SV wheel. The GSXR rotors seemed to have about 3/8" difference, larger, diameter, and would not fit in the stock SV brake calipers. I have heard of guys making/buying caliper mounting adapters, but I just decided to swap rotors.

What else did I learn: When blue loctite is used, even a bolt with a torque spec of 16.5 ft/lbs, takes about 110 ft/lbs to get off, and even then its easy to break tools and/or strip the bolts. :)
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