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so i was thinking about getting full fairing for the sv, got a couple questions. right now the bike is a naked, so i know i would need the lights and fairing stay from an s. i plan on doing clipons either way, so thats no big deal. my main question is if i order a set of upper/lower fairing (aftermartket, not factory) can i run them with out the s model dash panels and can i use the naked triple to mount the guages still? would theyre be a problem with not running the dash panels, or would it be best to just get the panels? i dont mind if they are not there and its just open inside

I was thinking of putting a full fairing, or gixxer fairings on my bike, but then I think, if I wanted gixxer fairings, I'd buy a gixxer.

ride naked :p

to your question, don't know, sorry, lol
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