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For various bad reasons I had my tank off for the winter. Everything worked perfectly in the fall. After installing it this spring I have the following symptoms from my non-functioning bike:

-Fuel pump does not engage when key is turned
-all other powered parts function, and starter turns the engine fine
-battery is well charged

-The 10A fuse to the fuel pump blows ~2 seconds after the key is turned if the pump is connected when the key is turned, but it does not actually pump anything in that 2 seconds; if pump is not connected the fuse is fine (the speedo display is also on this circuit)

-The FI light is on; I'm not sure if this narrows possible causes of the malady. It seems that it would be on if the pump is dead, so this makes sense.

-The brown electrical connection that hooks the fuel pump to the rest of the bike is moisture free and in good condition

-I don't see any obvious shorts in this circuit, but I did not trace every inch of it to the speedometer. It seems more likely that it is a pump issue.

My thoughts is that I should take the pump out of the tank and look for obvious shorts. I used an air compressor to dry the inside of the tank after I took it off last fall, and perhaps I damaged something, but it seems like it should be able to withstand a strong breeze.

How long do fuel pumps usually last on these machines? Should I consider eBaying a used one? I'm posting here because I'm not great at mechanical work, although I am passable. I wanted to see if anyone might have any better ideas than what I've got.

Thanks for your time.

Be well,
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