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FS: K8 SV650 Naked ABS Lo Mi in SoCal SOLD!!

5,300 Miles (may rise slightly before sale)


I really enjoy riding my SV, but I think I may be more of a dualsport kinda guy, so I'm selling the bike I purchased in Jan. 2010 from the original buyer. The bike has ALWAYS been garaged when not in use and it has NOT been stunted or abused (at least not by me... I'm old.) This Thunder Grey machine is an ABS model and comes with the following extras:

  • Suzuki accessory gel seat
  • Buell footpeg mod (easily changed back if your legs aren't long)
  • Bikemaster handlebar w/drag bar bend (stock handlebar comes with the bike)
  • Puig flyscreen (will also include stocker)
  • Delkevic 14" silencer in stainless w/ removable baffle
  • Steve's aTRE (best bang for the buck there is!)
  • Speedo DRD by 12 o'clock Labs (very trick...fits entirely inside the headlight nacelle. I can't STAND inaccurate digital gauges!)
  • Mirror extenders (hey! see more than jacket sleeves!)

The following NEW and uninstalled items will also be included:

  • Suzuki OEM rear seat cowl (Thunder Grey, of course)
  • Jardine FE (uses stock signals like Evotech's)

As stated above, I have all of the stock pieces and they come with the bike....even the crappy stock can.



First service was performed by the PO at the selling dealer (I have the receipt.)

I performed the recommended 4K service, and this included the usual inspections and cable/pivot point lubrication/adjustments. In addition:

  • Cooling system flushed (replaced with Water Wetter/distilled water)
  • Full front and rear brake circuit flush. The ABS lines and accumulator make this a little more fiddly...but it's really no big deal (fresh Galfer fluid used.)
  • Oil and filter change (K&N filter, Shell Rotella T Synthetic oil)

I also have both keys, the owner's manual, and a Haynes hardbound SV service manual which will all go with the bike.


To the best of my knowledge, the bike has been on its side only once. This happened as I was exiting from a Subway toward a busy arterial street via an inclined driveway. I tucked the front on some loose stuff (no ABS at walking speeds!) at the bottom when a car suddenly changed lanes into my intended path of entry. The bike fell away underneath me and landed on the right side. The damage was limited to the usual snapped off front lever (replaced with a new OEM), a twisted rear lever (ditto), and VERY minor scratches/deformation of the front clamp on the silencer...seriously, you have to get right on top of it to see it! Miraculously, neither the gas tank or radiator were touched (whew!)


The gas tank unfortunately has not remained KTM got a little territorial and scratched the SV's tank with its clutch lever when I parked them a little too close to each other. The scratch is located about 2" behind the right side tank emblem, 1/2" long and key scratch width. There is a similar-size scratch on the grab handle's left side (too close to a garage door spring...I really need to liquidate some of the rolling stock.) I believe a Color-Rite repair kit would handle both of these if anyone were so inclined....but they're both really pretty minor. I can e-mail high-res pics if desired, but I expect anyone who's really interested in the bike will be local and want to see it in person anyway.


Everybody remember Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan in Clancy's Clear and Present Danger? You know, the part where he wanted to test fly the helicopter before he bought it from the South American businessman? Then you'll understand when I say NO TEST RIDES WITHOUT FULL CASH DEPOSIT AND AN M1 LICENSE!! And no, I DON'T accept "company checks!"

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Sorry, no can do because this bike has been

SOLD!..... SOLD!....... SOLD!

.......and I didn't even have to throw it to the vultures on CL or fleabay!..............oh, wait.....

I BOUGHT it on fleabay!.............Never mind.
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