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I'm hoping to do this with some time left to ride in the season!

I have a Dark Blue 2004 SV1000S with ~14k on it (I need to look) that I'd like to sell or trade. Reason for sale? I don't ride it because its much more than I need for my daily riding (shouldn't have sold the 2002 SV 650 :( ) Looking to get back on to an 04+ SV650, or...? Open to offer's - must be street legal and ready to ride - will consider dual sport as well! Maybe GSXR 600 or 750 or CBR600

Full disclosure up front: bike is a little rough around the edges (IMO) but rides really well is a lot of fun! Its just more than I need for my day to day riding (which hasn't been happening) and weekend jaunts (those either :doh:)

Details that I can remember off the top of my head-

New Pilot Road 3's last season with no more than 3k miles on them, will easily manage 5k+ more miles
New Chains and Sprockets and Rear Brakes - also 3k miles
Suzuki SV Gel Seat
Touring Windscreen
I set it up for some road tripping I did last summer, it has two powered USB ports for your GPS and charging your phone.
GI Pro Gear indicator / TRE
Yoshimura Stainless Exhaust
Pig-tail for trickle charging battery/air pump/ whatever will run off a 12V pig tail
Fuseblock FZ1 for GI Pro and other electronics so there is no batter drain
Mirror Risers
I think the battery was new in the past 2 years, I kept it on a smart trickle charger all winter
Front frame sliders, right one shows signs of use
New Air Filter last June
Have a spare clutch/brake lever - if I can put my hands on it, can include stock windshield/seat/etc

The bad:
-Previous owner's dropped it or put it down low speed - rash on the right side exhaust and on the front right part of the fairing.
-Tanks has some scratches from jackets/tank bags
-Its missing a trim piece on the front left side - I'll take pictures of all of this.
-Idles rough, I can look into this before someone comes to look at it. I never spent much time at lights or anything so never looked into it.

Also has a hard bag rack and I have 3 - 40 Liter Givi Hard Bags with signs of use (I bought them used) but no serious damage affecting their use - I'll include a new set of key's lock to match them all if I sell it with them because the 1 key I had for two of them broke. I had to extend the rear blinkers to mount this but I soldered the wiring and wrapped it well from the weather.

Judging by what I can/can't find them for online I'll say:
$4k with the luggage setup
$3500 without the luggage setup

I'll take pictures in the next couple of days when I get time.
Located near Westerly, RI. Work in SE CT.

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Took me forever to do this:

Pilot Road 3's with tons of life left:

Wiring with pigtail for charging - wiring is soldered and not hacked, I used a fuzeblock fz1 for the GI pro (no power with key off to eliminate drain) and USB ports (power with key off, no drain):

Damage on right side:

A few paint chips:

Scuffed bar weight:

Current mileage at 14296:

Odd mounting location for airhorn:

Dent (hard to see) and a scuff on the bottom:


Scratches from Givi Rack on grab bar:

40 l Givi bag (one of 3, conditions vary with scuffs and scratches)


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Heh, you have the 1000 version of my bike...almost the same mods (I did the USB ports in a different manner), same condition, almost the same year and miles.

If you were local I would trade ya

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Glad to hear positive feedback- getting that on my local forum as well- mostly looking to sell right now because there are a few motards I have my eyes on that and need cash for them!

Hard bag setup will only be sold seperatly if buyer doesn't want it- it's a great setup and I want to include it as a package deal if possible
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