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2007 SV650 ABS, 23743 miles, $3500, Columbus Indiana

This is my 3rd SV and likely my last. I bought this from a member here on SVRider (dietcokefiend and previously owned by Simmsled who posted the lighting conversion Viper bi-function HID retrofit) a few years back and barely rode it for 1 season until I injured my knee. I am a couple years into physical therapy and I still can’t ride this bike for more than 15 minutes at a time. I only took the bike out twice last year and after two years the wife finally convinced me I need to let it go. I am reluctant to do so; this is the nicest SV I’ve had and very finely tuned and modded perfect. Getting old sucks, at some point I must admit I’m not 20 anymore.

This bike has aged very gracefully. Always garaged and never raced. The luggage and wear on the rear tire state that as well. There are two small imperfections on the tank that are really only noticeable if you are looking for them, but they are there. Rest of the bike is in near perfect cosmetic condition.

I’m not giving up on motorcycles entirely, just those with a tight knee bend, and I would ideally trade for a 2012+ DL650 or 2014+ DL1000 (I love Suzuki/this engine and have owned vstroms before). I’ll throw money in on top. Also interested in partial trades for a classic Suzuki GS, no specific CC requirement.

Top case color doesn’t match as it was off my old SV, but the tops are swappable to different colors. The mount for this case is homemade, but built very stout. The quick rattle can paint job needs redone though. Bike comes with all the original parts that were removed. New Motobatt this spring. The rear tire is squared off and will need replaced soon.

I can deliver if required. Title is clear and in hand. I will allow test rides with payment upfront, for understandable reasons. I don’t check the forums much anymore, so quickest way to get ahold of me is text. 812-344-8477.

  • HID XE7 projector lighting
  • Corbine leather saddle
  • Jardine Titanium exhaust
  • SW-Motec Center Stand
  • GSXR1000 rear shock
  • Drop-in Intimidator valves for the front shocks
  • Heated grips
  • Luggage rack with pelican cases (not pictured)
  • Quick detach Givi top case
  • SV Racing rear set riser plates flipped upside down for more leg room
  • Bar end mirrors (many say it looks goofy, but there are no blind spots using both mirrors, great for city traffic, a mod I do to all my bikes)
  • USB charger and secure phone holder on bars
  • Pre-wired for Genius battery tender/charger
  • And likely more I have forgotten


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That seems like a crime to me seeing as how this is nearly blemish free, but who am I to judge?

My Harley broke last week (imagine that 🤣), so I road the sv all to work all last week and just renewed the plates. Still runs and rides perfect. I was able to ride it much longer now than before, but no tours on this for me. This bike will continue to be for sale, but expect the mileage to slowly climb now. Pandemic and recession time is not the best time to sell, but I am fairly firm on the price, I do feel it is reasonable. I feel some spirited rides down 46 and 135 are in my near future! That's one thing the SV has over the big twin, for sure.
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