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Location: Atlanta, GA
Bike: 2005 SV 650N
Please contact me via email: 24valves at gmail dot com.

This is a used 2005 SV 650 naked edition with a few choice modifications which can be enjoyed by novice, intermediate and advanced riders. I have owned this bike for 3 years.
The bike has about 22,000 miles on the chassis and approximately 8,000 miles on the engine. It has a few scratches and scuffs from riding and daily use. It fell off the stand twice with no major damage a few years ago. I was building this to use this for track days but I have no time lately.
I am selling it as I don't get much time to ride it. It was originally yellow but I switched to a flat sand paint. I have pictures of the before, during and after showing the transition and it was done by a shop.
The bike comes with the old engine so you can have a spare (it has bottom end issues but heads and all other bits are good) miscellaneous parts,a spare aftermarket slip on etc.

Items of interest:
  • Clean title
  • The tires are Bridgestone Battlax BT003Rs; a very sticky street tire. (rear tire is new with less than 300 miles on it)
  • New Chain with less than 300 miles
  • EBC HH brake pads front/rear
  • Front and Rear Frame sliders
  • Adjustable rear sets
  • Aftermarket fender eliminator
  • Aftermarket passenger seat cover
  • USB charger for your GPS or phone.
  • Chopped aftermarket scorpion slip on muffler
  • Aftermarket mirrors
  • After market turn signals
  • A modified BMW G650 headlight
  • etc

I have most of the stock parts (mirrors,headlight etc) if you want them as well. Rotella Synthetic oil is what I use along with Redline water wetter mixed with distilled water, ATE high performance brake fluid. Bike wasn't a stunt machine and simply ridden and well taken care of. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer.

Price: $2800 [ I have it on CL for $2900 ]for SVR folk for all the support/assistance over the years :eek:ccasion14:

Please contact me via email: 24valves at gmail dot com. PMs are a bit hard to manage on the fly.

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