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The bike
2001 BMW F650GS Dakar
Approx. 22800 miles

The goodies
-- BMW lower crash bars
-- Touratech chain guard
-- Touratech rear brake cylinder guard
-- Touratech rear caliper guard
-- Touratech headlight guard
-- BMW skid plate
-- Throttle lock
--Hand guards
-- Adjustable clutch and front brake levers
-- Heated grips
-- Steel brake line front (installed)
-- Steel brake line rear (not installed, but included)
-- Powertapp Light USB power port

-- Touratech pannier racks
-- TCI Borrego top rack (very easy to mount a case on)
-- Touratech 30L aluminum panniers (awesome stickers included, except for my website. You can't have that.)
-- Touratech bottle rack (left side)
-- Touratech oil can rack w/oil can (right side)
-- Touratech tank bag with map case and rain cover

-- Continental TKC-80 front and rear tires, never mounted
-- Spare front and rear tubes, heavy weight
-- Stock clutch and front brake levers
-- Water pump impeller and seals
-- Front brake pads
-- Rear steel braided brake line (mentioned above, not installed)

Recently serviced items
-- Fork seals ~1500 miles ago (Mooseskins fork gaiters added after fork service)
-- Rear brake pads & fluid ~1500 miles ago
-- Steering head bearings ~3000 miles ago
-- New battery June 2012

The not-so-goodies
-- This bike was in Mexico for five months. I'm not the best with tall, heavy bikes so she fell over a few times. This is a list of the worst bruises:
-- Cracked but functional left mirror
-- Battery leaked and stained the right cover thingy
-- Yellow paint rub on right tank cover, thanks to falling into a door while parking in a house
-- Right rear blinker rattled out the lens screw, then the lens fell onto the exhaust and melted a bit. Held together with tape at the moment.
-- Radiator developed a small leak, had it patched. 3000 miles issue free.
-- Various other skuffs and scrapes

The drivetrain
-- Front tire: looking good, probably 60% life left
-- Rear tire: maybe 30% left
-- Sprockets: no shark finning or wear noticeable
-- Chain: in good shape

The pictures
(I haven't had a chance to give her a bath, so be nice)

Right side

Left side


Rear (remember, fuel bottles not included!)

Oopsies (Cracked mirror and shorty... er, broken clutch lever). Bar end has been replaced.

Rear rack
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