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I bought them a couple weeks ago. They don't have the mass of the stock mirrors, and on one of them, the mirror surface seems to have an odd defect near the bottom edge. I only noticed it before the installation though, as it was minor.

The tightness of the arm adjustment is easily adjustable, just as the stock ones are. The ball joint pivot between the mirror and the arm is pretty tight. I've gone 500 miles without them adjusting themselves.. I like them so far, they're unique.

I replaced the stocks with flushmount LED's that are wired as running lamps, and replaced the stock running lamps with amber LEDs. Now I have all LED lighting so I can leave them on when I'm parked in a busy parking lot at night. Peace of mind against someone pulling into my space too quickly before noticing my bike.

Next step, hiding a bunch of blue LED's around my chassis to make it even more visible in parking lots.. :)
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