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Front Rotor Question

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Hey gang,

I was wondering if anyone has tried to install either Braking, or Driven brake rotors on the front of their stock SV forks???

Is there another model of bike, that the same rotors/carriers would fit???

I have found that Braking offers them, but can't find them on anyones elses , catalog/website. Trying to get them cheaper than from the factory.

Since it's a street bike, I really don't want to spend over $500 on a pair of rotors. Heck, I can get a set of directional 1.25 inch. Brembo racing rotors cheaper.

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I've got Breaking on mine, I think I spent under $400..I'll look for the site.
Looks like the price went up a little since I got mine
PJ's Parts sells Braking rotors, and they have great customer service. You'd have to email him to get a price, though.
EBC sells rotors.
they also have a list that will tell you what rotors from what bikes are the same.
EBC #s

99-02 front MD3003X or MD3003XC for "contour rotor"
03-09 (non ABS) MD3090X....MD3090XC for contour
07-08 (w/ABS) MD3094X...MD3094XC for contour

bikes with same rotors as 1st gen in case you want used "stock" rotors
GSF 600 Bandit 96-97
GSX 600 Katana 89-02
GSF 600 00-03
RF 600 94-97
SV 650 99-02
GSX 750 Katana 89-02

2nd gen (non ABS)....
SV 650 03-09
GSX 600 03-06
GSX 750 03-06
C 109 RT Boulevard (1783cc) VLR 1800 08
C 109 R VLR 1800 08
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Great, Just what I was looking for!!!

Can also get them re-ground if they're not warped too badly. I had a set done off my Concours for about $125. Trying to find the m/c shop that did them years ago.
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