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Well after waiting 3 years, I was finnaly able to buy my dream bike. I started abouut 2 years ago on a beat up black, purple and teal 1993 ninja 250. I rode it for about a month and then it broke down after an oil change where the dealer didnt add enough oil....bastard. Well I continued to read about bikes and always still have wanted an sv650s in blue... Well this past friday I was finally about to get one. I picked up a brand new 2005 sv650s, in blue of course. I didnt have good riding gear the first time around, so this time I got gloves, boots, a 1 pc race suit, and a snell approved helmet. I just been riding the hell out of it, even though its been a little wet here (I am in GA). Been having a damn blast, it is much more fun then the little 250 ever was. Unfortunalty I dropped the bike on its left side today at a stop sign :mad: Damaged the left trunsignal (broke the housing and light) and bent the screw the holds the bar end on. Does anyone know where I can get the stock housing without all thewiring and crap, and a new screw? Ill just have to make due for now, I cant stay off the thing!

Thanks for all the questions answered over the years!

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The barend screw can be fixed with a lot of patience, a vise, and a pair of pliers. Don't ask me how I know...

Congrats on the bike! Don't worry about dropping it, all bikes and riders go through it. Once you get a couple of scratches on her, you stop appreciating the bike for how nice it looks, and start appreciating it for what it actually does.
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