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Fork Springs upgrade...WooHoo!!

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Just did the racetech spring upgrade and OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Didn't get to ride much with the new ones due to a rain storm (it figures) that came up about 30 min into the "test" ride but damn what a huge difference it made! Much more stable and predictable... smoother and less abrupt, even while being stiffer.

Anyway it was a piece of cake... even though the tips and tricks link for the upgrade is not working for some reason. I was still able to find enough info in the threads and the instructions to get through it pretty painlessly.

Ok, I weigh about 175 and went with the 90kg springs... Mostly plan on usinf it for tackdays and playtime in the mountains. Also, went with 15wt. fork oil. Cut the spacers to 5 1/2 in. and brought the oil up to 3.75 in form top.

The only part I wasn't too sure about was the oil level. One source reccomended an amount equal to the fork travel (I measured 4 in.) but the manual says 3.7in for the '03 S model. Also since the new forks are much shorter than the stock, I figure they'll displace less fluid... So I went with a little closer to stock.

Also raised the forks 5mm due to the 120/70 front tire as discussed in another thread... Will take more time to figure if more is needed.

Anyway, GREAT site here!! ;D Yall Helped alot ('cept for that dead link in tips ???)

Any thoughts on the fluid level? Effects of more or less...etc?
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That front end diving like crazy whenever the front brake was applied is for the birds.
I could not believe the dfference it made in the handling and subsequently my confidence in the bike.

What is the next step ... rear shock? ;D ;D ;D ;D

It is a good little machine and worth upgrading!
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