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fork spring Q

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Cant make up my mind: Get new springs and heavier oil or get the traxxion kit with emulators and new springs. I live in WI and usually ride in some really cold weather and have heard that the heavier oil makes your ride rough before the oil warms up. $350 for the traxxion kit and about $115 for springs and oil. I am strictly a street rider and dont usually ride hard but I have to sometimes ;D should I go with the better kit cause I will want to get it later?
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You have to decide yourself. But a friend of mine did the drop in kit and I did springs, oil and emulators. We were both street riders only and neither of us could tell a difference. Then again we aren't suspension pro's and probably don't ride hard enough to know the true benefits from either. The worst part is now I will never know because as my skills have gotten better he traded his SVS in on a Busa. So no more chance to feel the difference.???
By no means am I any sort of suspension expert, but it seems that if you're willing to spend $400+ on the front end, you are starting to get into a new GSXR frontend territory. I think new springs and oil will get you most of the way there for ~$100. That being said, I just picked up a used set of forks with the Traxxion drop-in kit and some .90 springs. I changed the fork oil, and I am very happy with them. But if I had to buy new parts, I think I would've been just as happy with springs

Note that the Traxxion kit allows you to run 10 weight oil which may help you in the colder climate.
I got the traxxion kit with sonic springs. Not a day goes by where I think, "man, I spent too much money. I should've just got the springs and oil." 95% of my miles are commuting.

The Traxxion kit is more compliant and will make for a more comfortable ride. Your everyday riding will benefit from greater control and better stability.
I dont want to have to buy a new rim and all the shananagans that go along with the GSXR switch. I do not like shananagans.
I did the sonic springs and 15wt oil and have been very pleased. I'm not that agressive of a rider by any means but it made a ntoiceable difference in the ride and handling. By all means if you have the money and time go for the gsxr fork swap. I'm notoriously lazy so springs and oil were good for me.
I am trying to figure a budget out because I layed the bike down in the fall and have to get new bodywork too and I want to upgrade. I just bought galfer SS lines so I figured I would also have to do the front forks. Rich at Sonicsprings said an .85 and 20wt would be my setup which would run $100, pretty **** good price if they help considerably and I could do the work myself.
I did the sonic springs and 15wt oil and have been very pleased.
Did someone reccomend the 15wt?
Spring and emulators is a night and day difference over the stock. But I weigh 200# all geared up so it was almost mandatory.
Did someone reccomend the 15wt?
I put in 15wt back in oct. cause I knew I'd be riding through the winter. Its just now starting to warm up and so far I still like the feel of the 15wt. YMMV ;)
I have done springs and oil in 3 sv's and everyone has been happy with it.
Thanks for the help everyone. I think springs and heavier oil is what I am gonna do. Since I am not a track or real aggressive rider I dont need to go all out. If I order springs and get oil from my local dealer what else would I need?
Stick with what Rich told you. I got his stuff in my bike a coupe of weeks ago. Just waiting to get the bike togehter to test it in 3 weeks on vacation.

If you are only doing springs and oil, nothing else as you won't be bothering with the seals or any of the other internals.

You need the oil measuring tool, about $25 from any shop, looks like a 50cc syringe with a thin tube on one end. A big wrench to get the top screw off. That's about it. It only took me 30min to switch the oil and springs.

Something to cut the spacers Rich will send you, mitre box or chop saw is quick and simple if you have access to one.
I had to suspend the front end when I took the wheels off to get new tires so I will do it similar to that. What would be the cost of a triple tree stand?
Depends on what brand you buy $70-$150.

I think Ranger one might have a cheaper, simpler route with the syringe. I'm not sure though.
Just springs and oil is well worth it.

Depends on the PitBull was around $200 after tax. You can buy T-Rex front AND rear stands on eGay for $120 or so.
Where would I hook the rachet straps if I went that direction?
Around the frame sliders, top triple, or lift the tank and around the frame.
I looked at it and around the frame will work great, would love a stand but dont have too much money. Sounds like you guys answered all my q"s. The help is greatly appreciated.
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