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Foot position on pegs

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so it was 50+ degrees in chicago today and i took my SV out for the first time since hibernation. Rode with my usual riding buddy and i noticed that he and i have our feet in different positions on our pegs while riding. he has the pegs under the arches of his feet, basically up against the heel of his boots, while i ride on the balls of my feet. Maybe it's just preference and doesn't matter, but being a relative n00b to riding and i have only logged about 500 miles since i got my sv in october (first bike), i'm wondering if there's a benefit or drawback to either. he says it makes it a lot easier to shift and break. i say i feel like i have more control of my weight and can shift one way or another more easily. like i said i'm still relatively new to motorcycles, so i feel like if there is a benefit to one way or the other i can still change my habits before i become set in my ways. insights?

i would create a poll but i'm not very forum board savvy
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I do both (I won't be dragging my toes) because I find on long commutes, the multi-positioning helps my joints from getting to cramped (got some joint issues). I've never been told to stay away from either position.
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