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I have a pretty short inseam, I'm estimating somewhere in the 29-29.5" range, so naturally I was trying to get closer to the ground. I like visuals, and since I didn't find as many as I had hoped for, I'm providing some here.

Several attempts have been made:

1) Purchased a low Suzuki seat from oneidasuzuki - fail! - seat does NOT fit the 03'. Idiot.

2) Replaced foam in the seat with high density, 1.5" green stuff - somewhat better - not as much as I'd like though.

3) Installed after market cushion rods, i.e. lowering links, dogbones - great success! - effectively lowered the rear end to where the feet are 85% flat on the ground. Good enough for government.

Onto the visuals:

Took the staples out of the stock seat and the foam comes out..

1.5" high density foam - something like $4-6 at your favorite fabric store. Secured temporarily with duct tape until cover comes back on

Trim the excess foam and tighten the cover over the foam; taking care to keep it tight.

World of difference: lower, not as much as I'd like though, and definitely stiffer - not the best for long rides.

Visuals for the link installation are here:

Apparently there's a limit on pictures per-post.

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so, how is the ride?

could you have lowered it one more notch than what you shown in your write-up and kept the OEM foam?

The last pic you posted of your mod'd seat reinstalled looks a little "thin" on the comfort side.

It seems if you were to go over a pothole or some bumpy roads, the thin-ness (word?) of the foam may not have enough rebound to absorb all the bumps.

Anyway, good share!
The ride is not bad.

On a scale of 1 - 10...
Where I never give 1s and 10s, and anything below a 5 would mean a degree of discomfort to where it would take away from the enjoyment of riding...

...and, since I have nothing better to compare it to, let's call the stock seat a 9. In this case, the new seat is a 7.

With the new foam, the bike was slightly lowered, maybe a 1/2" at best - barely noticeable. And I can definitely tell that padding has been taken away. Depending on how sensitive your tuchus is - individual results may vary. I for one, have a relatively good tolerance, so if your ass is boney, stay away.

Yes, I could have lowered the bike using the link with one more "notch," but I was afraid that geometry would completely go to hell and ground clearance would be severely compromised. I wasn't going to find out the hard way. As it is right now, I can't tell the difference from stock. Keep in mind, I only lowered the rear, and I did nothing to the front.

The pothole bit? I usually dampen road joints and small holes with my legs...and apart from stock, I don't think there's much of a difference. It was always relatively stiff.
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