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OK... So Sunday I decide to set my float level once and for all. I kept trying to use a metal ruler to measure but couldn't hold it at all the odd angles necessary so here's what I did.

1) Found a corrugated election sign (these are best because they are plastic, have longitudinal holes in them, and stealing one is a beautification project in it's own right.

2) Using a razor knife and straight edge I cut out a piece of the sign 7mm x 6 cm.

3) Lined up the piece that I had cut paralell to the float along the edge of the carb and inserted one of the screws that holds the float bowl to the carb through a hole in the corrugated material in into the carb, making sure that I keep the piece of plastic I had cut flat on the sealing surface.

Doing this gave me a 7mm high reference point along that entire side of the float and allowed me much easier viewing of the plunger.

Did this on both carbs, went on a 200 miles back road excursion, and all is right with the world as far as I can tell.
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