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Hey Z, do you lube anything inside the carbs after you clean them? I took mine off to shorten the stacks to fit properly in the intake boots, and cleaned them out proper, but I felt like they needed a little lube to go together and operate smoothly so I used a smidge of K&N filter oil to help reassemble them.

I couldn't get the aluminum risers (stacks? runners?) unscrewed from the engine side of the carb body though. I broke a strap wrench trying to do it nice. I'm just gonna take them to a buddy at work who does fine machining (instrumentation) to shorten the risers to fit in the boots right. I was thinking he could probably use a vertical mill to shorten them in place since I had problems removing them. He's got the skills and tools to keep the surface perfectly flat and he may be able to unscrew the aluminum part anyway, but do you have an opinion about milling in place or trying another method of unscrewing the riser from the carb body?

just linkage on top of slides,little grease.
if you have carbs all apart you can heat spigot little,it is probably just locktite.
if your machinist is good he does not even need mill,sending belt will do.
dont use pliers :)
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