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Ok on top of whats in my SIG I decided to go a bit further and when I finally got home last weekend I took inventory and started  lining parts up.  Some of my stuff came from australia, england, ebay, canada, and i got a couple things from europe.

Already done:
bar/frame/swingarm sliders
Vance Hines S4 full exaust
K&N filter and jet kit.

During september on leave:
Cut and removed underbody and diaper installed an undertail and hugger.  Integrated taillights. 

Last 3 days:
New Progrips.
Battery Box mod, tank risers and new hinge brackets.
Custom brakeline merging spiegler lines to front brake reservoir for future clipon mod(courtesy atlanta Harley Davidson). 
EBC sintered metal brake pads all the way around.
Barnett Kevlar Clutch new clutch springs and new clutch/throttle cables.
Coerce reduced pullback/lowered red annodized bar.
1998 SRAD GSXR 750 rear shock ohlins valved for my 190lb frame with spring upgrade from hyperpro(courtesy
RK XW ring 520 chain with 14/46 sprocket conversion.  Red annodized mounting hardware for sprockets. 

I know theres more stuff I've doe to my bike but I can't remember it for the life of me I'll edit and add stuff as I get it finished  ;D

heres  pic for starters.

Heres the shock

And last a good rearend pic

Getting ready for:
Hyabusa piston swap.
Ohlins cartridgefork emulators and progressive fork springs.
Wishing for:
2003 cam swap.
woodcraft or rosmoto rear sets.

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Oh this is a keep it in mind I'm a heavy truck mechanic in the ARMY and learning how to repair my bike myself.  It has 3500 miles on it and I bought it new in march 2002.

I want to go for the cam and piston job at the same time.  Unfortunately I wasnt able to get to Omaha for the work in September got stuck in the hurricane in Florida.  I can do the parts installs myself but don't have access toa machine shop so I will most likely hold off on the engine mods until I have raised the money on ebay to get the front forks done.  THe difference between the resprung/valved shock and the stock one is amazing at the least.  It used to sag down but hold well.  The new one is firm as a rock and sags like 2 1/2cm.  I love it.  The takeoff difference on the new gears is alarming hehe.  It will tear the wheel loose at 3500 rpms now.  It would already wheelie like a champ but now its wilful about it.  Next up will be learning how to launch at the local 1/8 mile.  The rearend sits about 2cm higher than stock and the hyperpro spring almost touches the swingarm but it all works nicely together.

The clutch is snatchy and a bit firm but I've been told it'll get better after a few launches and a burnin.  The brake pads and lines are already burnt in and its amazing the difference they make over stock.  As they say I can hold the brake handle and FEEL when the rotor begins to stop and actually hold the tire to the point it skids on the pavement but doesnt stop.  I can't wait to feel this on the road not just my neighborhood.  Gotta get the shock setup completely not just a beginning dial in.  Still can't find a front turnsignal I like either.  Oh well there's always time for that :)

Forgot: The bar end sliders are missing because I can't seem to find a rubber plug the right size to fit inside the coerce handlebar it's aluminum and much smaller ID than the stock bar.

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Goin for a ride now to go workout. Going to give her a bit of a shakedown. Been looking forward to it for 2 days. Tomorrow I will actually clean it lol.

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{PMS}fishy said:
Sounds nice.

I think your money would be better spent on cams before you swap pistions, unless your motor needs a rebuild.
Or some good tires.

Remember our red ones like trees
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