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First time crash

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So I got up in the morning, ate only a muffin to hold me over for most the day. Contemplated selling my bike in about a month to pay off debt. Then went to class, turned in a paper that was sure to get a bad grade, thought to myself, "Man, today can't get any worse..." then right after class--

My first accident in my 2 years of riding.
Happened yesterday around 2pm.

I was going between 25-30mph, splitting lanes in dead-stop traffic to get through the intersection and on the freeway before it rained. The guy that hit me was making a left turn, which he had to yield at. I had the right of way [but that intersection has no lights for the way I was going], but didn't see him before it was too late to swerve or brake because a jeep was blocking my view and figured everyone was stopped because there was no more room to go onto the other side without blocking the intersection.

I got up right after I was hit with just a bruise on my right leg. My helmet didn't even have any marks on it.

I am officially a lucky ******* and am forever grateful to the Great Motorcycle Gods.

Be safe out there.
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****, glad you are okay thats one hell of a pic it almost looks staged.
Glad to hear you're OK, great pic by the way.

You get a police report?
wow crazy pic... hope tomorrow you wont be feeling it too much.
Thanks :)

I'm glad I'm okay too. Couldn't believe I was standing right after it, I thought, "Oh, must be the adrenaline. I'll fall down in a moment or two."

I have another picture of two cops smiling at it, they couldn't believe it stayed like that too.

I'm pretty sore today, but nothing horrible.

I'll be getting a copy of the police report in a couple days our so.
Congrats on coming through that relatively unscathed.

"Well, I didn't have time to lay it down, so I just propped it up."
Here's some more.
They were taken by a fellow biker who happened to be nearby with his camera working on some project. He sent me them through email yesterday.

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Well that's a hell of a first post.... Welcome to forum, get the bike fixed, and get back riding. Glad you're not hurt.
Tell me about it. I try to make a good first impression :)

And thank you to everyone. I appreciate it.

The front is completely shot. So it'll take a while.

I didn't feel so bad when I went to go pick my bike up at the warehouse they towed it (and a $30 gate fee, what the f is that?!). The guy there showed me a Ducati 1098s, brand new but completely totaled, the rider didn't even put on a plate yet. Hope he's doing okay :/
Wait for it...

That should buff right out.

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glad ur ok, keep ur head up and keep riding. oh and i hope you dont get too many more of them zingers..;D
Still gonna sell the bike?
Paging Eddie
so do you just like carry a camera with you at all times or somethin?
I'm glad you are fine. That's a photo to put on the wall . . .

". . . and I walked away."
Haha, yeah.
I thought two things when I first stood up and saw everything:

1) F***, this did not just happen.
2) I could go for an In-N-Out burger right now (which I got later that evening)

And that was a different guy taking photos (a fellow biker actually)

I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it. I'm waiting to see what my insurance says... cross those fingers.
I'm glad you are fine. That's a photo to put on the wall . . .

". . . and I walked away."
Amen to that. Great that you're with us and apparently fine.

If you have nagging aches or stiffness, don't ignore. Seek a diagnosis.

I ignored neck pain after two incidents, one was a crash and the other a vicious hit during an indoor soccer game. I'm not disabled but my neck sometimes bothers me with kinks and stiffness.
Thank you :)
Great to be here.

Yeah, my mom called the doctor. Got a 9:15am appointment waiting for me.
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