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First service

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I'm almost done with break-in period and ready to get my first service done (600 miles). Simi valley cycles want to charge around $300 for it. Is it reasonable ? What are the things I need to look out for ? The guy I bought the bike from haven't done much to the bike and has used only 300 miles for last 4 years. Any suggestions or advice would greatly help. Thanks

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o'reilly auto parts carries a wix oil filter, part# 51359, that's a good brand.
also recommend kerosene for cleaning the chain, won't harm the o rings or your hands. a gallon of it is pretty cheap at lowes/home depot and handy for cleaning various other crud on the bike too.
other than the oil change, check all the fasteners for proper torque, adjustment of clutch and throttle cables, coolant level, brake fluid, and tire pressure.
idle speed is non adjustable on 07 and up.
the cable adjustments are easy. with so few miles it may not even need any. i've got 57000 on mine and never had to adj the throttle cables, only adj the clutch cable a few times, mostly due to unhooking one end to lube it. the owner's manual has the procedure, pretty simple. (also look for andy auger's clutch mantra on this site. good stuff.)
bleeding the brakes might be a good idea. the fluid tends to attract moisture, and bleeding is a service recommened due to time, not mileage.(ie- every 2 yrs.) the bleeder valves are close enough to the lever that it shouldn't be an issue unless you have really short arms. be sure to use dot 4 fluid, (get new stuff in a sealed container). the total capacity is so small you can completely refill front and rear, waste some, and still have plenty left over from a 12 oz container.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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