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First memories...

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How far back can you remember? how old were you?

my first memory is when I was 3 years old and learning to brush my teeth. I was standing on a stool so I could see in the mirror.

twas a long time ago...

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I remember beating the crap out of my friend with a cabbage patch doll...I think I was 4 or so? But usually I can't remember what I did 10 minutes ago!
One of the first things I remember, laugh if you like, is falling off the top bunk of my old bed in my old house when i was just a couple years old. I don't actually remember the fall, but I just remember laying on the floor looking at this huge pool of blood from my head. Weird thing is that at the time it didn't really bother me.

Maybe that's why I'm THO THMART!!:tard:

So, to answer the suspicion:

Yes, I was dropped on my head when I was little.
My sister and I watching the movers unload the moving truck after my parents got divorced.
I was 2 years old sitting on the stairs with my feet through them (no backs on the stairs) watching my mom in the kitchen. The interesting bit is that the memory is a mirror image of the actual layout of the condo we lived in.
I remember riding my powerwheel three wheeler off of my grandma's porch and doing a super sweet endo down the steps, somehow my ear was smashed between the handlebar and one of the steps and scraped it up really bad...I had to be like 2 because my grandpa was the one who picked me up and he died when I was three, thats about the only memory I have of him.

I forgot to add, he was chuckling when he picked me up, but I could tell he felt bad for doing it lol.
being dressed in a costume (think it may have been a rabbit), riding on my father's shoulder and catching beads being thrown from the Mardi Gras floats as they went by. think I was 2 at the time.
Oh wait...I remember my sister pushing me in my stroller through the park and some punk kid walked by and said "what's up sucker!" I was two then.
22 months old. I had some pretty screwy stomach issues when I was a baby and had major surgery then. I remember a few things immediately before and after the surgery and a fair amount over the week or so I was in the hospital, I guess it was a little traumatic for me. After that, preschool, so I guess 4 or 5.
Hell, I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday. I guess it was being in the hospital after surgery to repair a hernia when I was 3. Don't remember much about that other then being very scared. First clear memories were from around 5 or 6 years old.
My earliest memory is running over an Easter chick with my tricycle, and thinking its squirming and distress was playing, until my mom explained it was dead and couldn't play anymore.

I suffered tremendous guilt over that for much of my life, until I asked God's forgiveness for it. Probably explains a lot about me, I know. :'(
Tell me about it. :(
:eek:ccasion14: the past is history, we gotta wait on the future. But today is a gift... and that's why it's called the "Present" :)

I remember crawling out of my baby bed. I was wearing pink footy pajamas and I remember the ballerinas on my curtains. I have no idea how old I was but I couldn't have been very old since I was still in a baby bed.
I was 3 and tried to climb the hutch (my Mom called it a china cupboard) in our kitchen and it fell over on me right before I got to the top, LOL. It was not funny at the time I suppose, but now it is a pretty amusing memory. What's even more amusing is not long after I tried it again with the same result. I guess I have always been stubborn when I set my mind to something :).
I was about 4 years old, lived in Italy (Navy Brat) and our landlords raised rabbits. I remember seeing a cute bunny hanging upside down from a pole outside. The rabbit was squirming and let out a scream just before my landlord snapped it's neck and skinned it for dinner.
I have quite a few memories of the apartment my family lived in before they bought the house in which I grew up. I was 2 when we moved. The earliest memories are being in my crib and waiting for my mom to come in to let me out, and lying in a baby carriage in the back room of that apartment and having the sun shine in my eyes.
I don't know which is earlier, but I suspect the carriage/sun one might be.
I have some very discombobulated memories. I guess my earliest that I can actually put a time stamp on is when my younger brother was born. I remember being in the hospital staring through the nursery window as my dad held me up. I remember all the faces of the people there, the lighting, the colors, the smells... everything. That was in April of '84. I was born in Dec of '81.
Hell, I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday. I guess it was being in the hospital after surgery to repair a hernia when I was 3. Don't remember much about that other then being very scared. First clear memories were from around 5 or 6 years old.

So I'm not the only one. My first memory is of the first hernia operation I had when I was 2. Had another when I was 4.
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