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There is a thread like this for the second gen but not the first so i thought it made good sence to start one. *Maybe this could be a sticky at the top like in the 03+ tech forum*

I stole this bit from the 2nd gen thread...

Exhaust Types
There are two types of exhaust systems for your SV. You can purchase a slip-on exhaust (generally less expensive) or a full system exhaust (more expensive, but it nets a bit more power).

Slip-on Exhausts

• Less expensive
• Easy to install
• Reduced weight
• Doesn't require a remap*
• Requires modification to stock exhaust system

A slip-on is generally less expensive and easy to install. To install the exhaust, you will have to cut your mid-pipe (using a hacksaw, sawzall/reciprocating saw, angle grinder, plasma torch, jaws-of-life if you're nimble, you get the picture...). It's a very easy procedure to do and requires minimal tools. Slip-ons will give you a louder and deeper sound to your bike and a nice look, but rarely do they net a power increase, and if they do, you won't be able to tell. In general, a slip-on will not require you to remap your bike's fuel injection mapping. This modification is best suited for street riders.

Full System Exhaust

• More expensive
• Reduced Weight
• Generally nets a HP/Torque Increase
• Does not require modification of stock exhaust system
• Will most likely require a remap*

Full system exhausts replace not just the muffler, but also the the mid-pipe and exhaust headers. The result of this is far less exhaust system weight, a HP/Torque gain, and an open and deep exhaust tone. In general, full system exhausts will require a remap of the fuel injection mapping. A high flow air filter should also be installed. This modification is best suited for track day addicts and racers.

Various Exhaust Manufacturers
• Holeshot -
• Devil -
• Yoshimura -
• Two Brothers Racing -
• Leo Vince -
• M4 -
• Micron -
• Scorpion -
• Blue Flame -
• Renegade -
• Remus -
• Vance & Hines -
• Akrapovic -
• Jardine -
• Muzzy -
• D&D -
• Ixil -
• Hindle -
• Laser -
• Supertrapp -
• Staintune -
• Art - (Website Not Available)

Now post up your first gen exhaust pics and maybe state what you exhaust is :)

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D&D full exhaust, satin black can with chrome headers.

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Wow, I guess I've had more than a few exhausts on my SV......:eek:

In reverse order, current first:

1st gen M4 headers / 2nd gen Leo Vince slip-on hybrid system (w/ slightly shortened can):

Wileyco full system w/ shorty can:

Renegade dual Ti oval highmounts (w/ black ceramic powdercoated headers):

M4 race mount full system:

Vance & Hines S4 full system:

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Two Bros Carbon.

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