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Hi, I am collecting parts to convert the S to an N. Below is the list of parts/tools I got so far. Hopefully this can help others in the future as well.
N headlight
N headlight bracket
N upper and lower triple tree
N instrument panel
Aftermarket Blinkers (TBD)
N risers (TBD, keeping the S clip-ons for now)
Aftermarket handlebars (TBD, keeping the S clip-ons for now)
Extended brake/clutch lines (TBD)

-Specialty tools
32mm socket for the triple tree nut
Suzuki crown nut socket (TBD, anyone know a cheap way to source it or have one for sale?)
For those who have done it already, how difficult was the installation/removal of the crown nut on the lower triple tree using just a flathead and a mallet?
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