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First Bike, First Ride...

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After trolling the forum for a long time, reading, studying, calculating, saving, reading some more... I am now an official owner/rider!! I bought my first bike yesterday, an '07 sv650 naked with only 1,400 miles!!!

With that being said, I think it is time to give something back to all the experienced riders that have posted up and given me TONS of information (Thanks guys!).

Do you guys remember buying your first bike? For me, the "knowing" started when I ended a call with the dealer, "Sounds great, I'll pick it up tomorrow." Then the realization, "Oh S**t" followed immediately by "WOO HOO!!!" The following day you are sitting at work, watching the clock, trying to figure out why your calf is so tired...because you've been shaking your foot all morning ready to go! As you watch the clock waiting for 5:00pm, you start to see it turn backwards... No wait, its set right. Well, let's check it with the World Time Server. ****, it is only 8:06am...

Finally, you leave work and head to pick up your new baby. You notice every single bike on the way. You see standards, sports, touring, customs... on the road, in the driveways, under barns, in garages... Come on truck, drive faster, we have business to tend to!

The sales guy is waiting as you pull into the lot and says, "they are just finishing detailing your bike. Let me grab another and we'll go for a ride." Sweet jeebus, I haven't been this excited since junior high when me and Bernice.... Then it happens. You see the front tire of a bike roll out of the garage, followed by a headlight... the sky parts, a brilliant ray of sunshine shines down, choruses of angels start to sing... There's MY bike!

You gear up, settle into the seat, notice how it feels different now that it is going to be yours... it just didn't feel like this when I was "looking". Find foot position, pop her into first and get to know the clutch. Rocking it slightly, feeling the friction... The love affair has just begun and I know it.

Salesman pulls up, smiles and pulls to the edge of the street. As your tires hit the pavement for the first time, you realize you waited WAY TO LONG for this exact moment. Ease to the first light, getting used to shifting, clutching, gasing, watching for cagers, staying upright, signaling.... Down into a residential neighborhood, speed tables, people... then the lake. Such a great ride, nice sweeping turns right by the lake... leaning this way and that. This is a whole lot more fun than that MSF course! Then you do it for the first time... man how you've waited patiently. You roll on the throttle a little harder, feeling the torque of the v-twin push you back in the seat. Yeah baby, this ain't no MSF 250, I'm on a real bike!

After a few more loops, its time to do the paperwork and take her home. When you pull up at the dealership, you have instant flashbacks to junior high. No, not Bernice. But the thought, "I can't stand up... Not now!" Oh wait, I'm grown and got things under control... Thank god, that was so f'ing fun!!!

Go through the paperwork, lay down your rubberband bank and load your baby up. Yeah, you guys remember the grin you had too... Get into the truck, feel the warm Florida sun on your face as you crank the stereo (which just happens to play your favorite rock song). Drop the window to breath in life, smiling everytime you look in the rearview.

Then it happens, the drum beat fades on the radio, the DJ voice comes in... Blah blah blah and tonight the temperature will drop down to 28 degrees. It is the coldest Central Florida has seen in over five years. SON OF A *****!!!

Needless to say, I had to take her for a ride last night. Froze a lot of important things off in the process but it was a must do. Who could come home with a new bike, new first bike, and not ride at least a little?

I do have a four day weekend this weekend and the weather is supposed to be back into the 70's and sunny... Typical winter weather for me now. I love Florida!

As a newbie, I don't have a lot of technical bike info to offer like some of you guys. But I certainly hope you all still enjoy riding and can remember the first ride on your first bike! If so, let's hear it!

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CONGRATS!!!--I bought by 07 with 1600 miles on it and it was blue too.
Not trying to be nosy but, How much did you pay?
My first ride was home from the dealer in new gear on 92 degree day in june and I sweated my balls off in traffic all the way back to work.
I could'nt wait till 5:00 so I skipped work to pick it up and took it back to show it off.
I sent you a PM but tell you I would have paid more considering the ride I had this morning. A bit cool, but who could complain about riding along the coast on a new bike?
Congrats. Buy some motosliders asap. Nothing worse than seeing your new girl take a'll break your heart more than the bike. Motosliders...soon.
Ditto on your post, with the exception of Bernice and the nippy cold.
Have fun, ride safe, and enjoy.
congrats and welcome.
Hahahahah, you sound like the same idiot I was 1 year ago (almost). 07 nakie with 4911 miles on her for $4500.

The first time I got on her it was 29* outside. I love every minute of it. It was stupid cold (and I learned my lesson for this winter) but I loved it.

I STILL tell people how much fun it is to ride. I STILL chastise people who ride that don't tell other people how much fun it is to ride lol.

Keep the shiny side up and ride well!
Wow, that guy just called me an idiot!!!

Thanks for the advice on the motosliders, they are on the way.

I rode about 500 miles in the first three days... Man, why'd I wait so long to get a bike!
Wow, that guy just called me an idiot!!!
no worries... that means "who loves ya'" in svr-speak. ;)
I called myself and idiot too :)

It's a term of endearment! lol :hug:
'Grats, nice write up. Brings back memories for me. Enjoy the SV, it's an excellent choice!
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