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I've got a 2002 SV650 which has the complete suspension upgrades, and a few other tasty bits to make it a true Ducatie beater. You can argue the economics of fitting both a new rear shock, and a GSXR fron tend, but you can't argue the results. The thing is now way better than I am.

When the general public here in Virginia asks me what it it, I say, "Why it's a streetfighter named Yellow Peril". Indeed. Eveything I need, and nothing I don't. As quick as I feel I can get away with, and still keep my drivers license; and/or not subject myself to major orthopedic surgery. As my girlfriend so succinctly pointed out,"You know, at your age, if you break something, they're not even going to think about casting it. You're going straight
to get pins, plates, and screws"

Fair enough.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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