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finally got the bike out today!!

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so it finally got over 40 here in iowa today so i decided to take her out for a little ride. was pretty cold but well worth it. this just makes me want summer to get here even sooner!! ride safe everybody!
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I'm flogging mine tomorrow. Can't wait. Yeah, summer can't get here soon enough!
awesome! it got above 35 a couple of days ago here. roads were dry enough, but i only got about 10 miles on it before it started getting dark and moisture was freezing. little chilly out, hands got a bit cold, tires didn't warm up at all. but hey, i just want to put miles on it.

that's the amount of snow we have left over after receiving 70 inches in the last 2 weeks of december, alone! only about a foot now.
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I love california :) Ride all year, every day!
I love california :) Ride all year, every day!
Shut it!!! ;)
Today in texas (ft.worth area) is beautiful, minus the 20+mph wind....lame, i wanna ride in ca...
all of you southern guys are so f*cking lucky!!!! i would say in about a month i should be able to get out about every weekend. i won't be riding everyday until a least may...its just too cold up here! i can't wait for my arizona and california trip this summer. its going to be amazing!
I love california :) Ride all year, every day!
It finally stopped raining so I drove to work this morning, got on the main road and realized all my jacket vents were open, and I managed to hit every green light on the way to work (5mi). It was a brisk 46.
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