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A long time ago I gave a go at installing shorty turn signals on my bike, but I botched it up (and kept botching it up) that I ran out of wire on the stock connector to splice the factory turn signal back on. I gave up and have just been riding without a right front signal (and a hyper active rear to compensate lol). I'm trying to spruce up the ol' gal to make sure I get the most $$$ for her when I get my new bike pretty soon so it's time to fix this issue. I've been looking online at replacement parts but everything that comes up doesn't look right. The ones I can find online are a square connector where the one on my bike is more like a circle with two grooves down the side.

1) Is it possible to get the last little bits of wires out of that connector and replace it with nice long fresh wires?
2) If that's not possible, where can I find a connector that'll work with the stock connector on my bikes harness? Or if I just buy a full OEM replacement signal will it have that connector already attached? Anybody who went full track bike want to sell me theirs?

It's a 2005 SV650S

Thanks a million guys!
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