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Fieldsheer pants

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Anyone have any experience with these? I don't have any place local that sells them so I'm wondering what you guys think of Fieldsheer's products and more specifically these pants. I'm looking for some pants better suited for colder weather and rain that won't break the bank. I like the styling because I keep all my gear silver/white for good visibility.

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Fieldsheer makes good stuff. I wrecked (at about 45 mph) in a pair of their Apollo cold-weather pants last spring and came out with no rash whatsoever. I did land on my side, and ended up with a tibial plateau fracture in my knee, but i don't think any pants have armor for the SIDE of your knee, where my break was.

The only thing I didn't like about the Apollo pants was the lack of full-length zippers on the legs. The ones you linked to have full-length zips, though, so it wouldn't be a problem.

With the liner in, they were VERY warm, and although they weren't advertised as fully waterproof, they did good in anything less than a full-on downpour.
I have the Fieldsheer Bullet jacket, went down at about 25mph with it, had a little raspberry on my elbow, but I think it was from sheer impact, not abrasion. The jacket has one tiny little scuff on the back where I hit, otherwise, you can't even tell.

Its very very warm with the liner in, toasty down to at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice and cool with the liner out and the four vents open.

I've thought about getting those pants you're looking at, but I think I'm going to go for a Fieldsheer Radar 2-piece instead, mostly for aerodynamics. My jacket seems to catch a lot of wind, and around 70mph or so it starts to make me feel uncomfortable.
I have either the same or a very similar pair of Fieldsheer pants that I bought to replace another pair of less expensive pants I was using.

The main thing I like is the full-length zipper down the leg. When it's really hot you can open them up a bit to cool down when you are stopped. They also have a vent on the top of the leg that scoops some air when you are moving. They have built-in velcro straps on the bottom of the legs to help keep them down in place when sittiing, which my other pants didn't.

They fit pretty well, and I'm happy with the quality and look.

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