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Got this pair of Fieldsheer Apex 2.0 gloves back in Feb and after wearing them a few times I think they are a little too small for me. They are size medium and while they fit properly around the hand and palm, the fingers are a little too short for me ( I have somewhat long fingers ). Since it's been too long for me to return them here they are. I've worn them about 5 or 6 times so they could still do with a little breaking in. No crashing or wet riding with them. just commuted mostly.

Asking $35.00 including shipping in the CONUS via FedEx ground. PM me or shoot an email to editor at nashvilleriders dot com if you're interested.

Photos below I stole from (where I bought them from). These look identical but I will post up some actual shots of the gloves this evening if anyone wants them.

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