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So question for the experts. I have a 2005 SV650s Bought it brand new has between 14000-15000 miles right now.

My issue is this, on hot days after riding and stopping at a store or something like that then when I go to start it again the fuel pump doesn't prime and it says FI where the temp is and the FI red light is one.

This has happened a couple of times throughout the years but is starting to happen more often. I have found that when this happens if I open the gas tank for a second and then close it the fuel pump primes as usual and the bike fires right up.

Hasn't ever happened on a cold day but sometimes. after riding on a hot day and parking it over night the next morning I will run into the problem

I was thinking it is a vapor locking issue as venting the gas tank fixes it and it never leaves me stranded but I am assuming that it will at some time. Any Idea what could be causing this.


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