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Faster MotoGP movie

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Im sure many of you guys out there have seen this, or the sequal called "The Doctor, The Tornado and the Kentucky Kid" but i just discovered this and watched it and loved it. i thought anyone who hasnt got to see inside motogp racing this is a great documentary.

Part 1:

Par 2:
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Yeah, very cool flick, I haven't seen the sequel thanks for the heads up. If you enjoyed that check out The Long Way Round. Very different but just as good.

AWESOME movie. You can actually get an "Ultimate Collector's Pack" that has both the DVD's for around 45 bucks.
awesome ill have to check that out, im going to try to buy that today somewhere, would barnes and noble or boarders have it?
Saw it in the theater, bought the original Faster DVD, then the Collector's Edition of Faster as well as the sequel DVD. Awesome movies, great special features too.
A coworker was just telling me about this a day or two ago. Good timing on the online find, although I just added it to my Netflix queue instead. They have a good collection of MotoGP related DVDs, including all the bonus discs.
Thanks for the link. I am a big fan of the Kentucky Kid. BOoo The Doctor, jk
I "rented" this from the local library. They also had one about Laguna from the following season, and one about troy bayliss.
This is awesome, got me through work this afternoon! :D
"when I first came to europe that wasn't the case there were some tracks were you would get seriously killed."
This is awesome, got me through work this afternoon! :D
definately a good time killer haha +1
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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