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Folks, the California Motorcyclist Safety Program is offering an awesomesauce refresher course for experienced riders, to be held starting the month of May at many of our training sites across the state of California.

This course is based on the well-proven programs used by our military to train their service men and women -- they reduced fatalities from 37% to 61% across three Services in one year!

What is it?
A chance to improve your skills on your own street-legal motorcycle.

What will we do?
Ride motorcycles for four hours.

Who’s it for?
Experienced riders with a current motorcycle license.

What will I gain?
Confidence and skills; and – it just might save your life!

How do I sign up?
Check out the CMSP website for a list of the sites who are participating -

How much does it cost?

Protective Gear Requirements:
DOT-approved helmet – full-face and/or three-quarter recommended
Eye Protection
Full-finger gloves; not open on the back of the hand
Long, durable pants
Protective motorcycle jacket
Over-the-ankle, strong, sturdy footwear that will protect your foot and ankle; preferably boots; Canvas high top sneakers not accepted

Rider and Motorcycle Requirements:
Riding experience
Valid motorcycle license
Good condition street-legal motorcycle – registered and insured
Protective gear as described above required

Ofir Ramirez-Rios
Total Control Training
California Motorcyclist Safety Program
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