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Naked fans hate me, I know LOL

I got my 2001 SV650S because it had the full fairing and I love the look.

Problem is, the previous owner had a Yoshi slip on put on and I think they also had a different manifold as part of it, maybe it wasn't just a slip on, I don't know for sure, doesn't look like just a slip on but maybe it does.

Either way, it is touching the fairing on the side and bottom. It was his intention to have the pipe wrapped, but the shop he had do it forgot to.

I tried to modify the fairing by cutting around the spots where it was touching to take it off of the pipe, but that changed the integrity of the fairing, and now it is touching in the same spots, just slightly different.

There seems to me no room for adjustment on the pipe.

Several questions:

1. Would wrapping the pipe (even though it would technically still be touching) stop the melting?

2. Would it be cheaper to have the existing fairing repaired, or cheaper to just replace?

2. How difficult would any fix be?
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