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As for the exhaust you can swap for stock or you could buy a different muffler that has a removable (reinstallable?) baffle. I have two different mufflers, one "Viper" and one "Dekelvic". Both are from ebay and both came with a baffle that could be installed. I'm not going to use either baffle. If we can figure out which one fits I'd make you a decent deal on one.
As for the Torque, I went 'up' one tooth on the front sprocket on my son's SV (it's also his first street bike) and the bike is quite pleasant to ride. It's not as 'jumpy' or abrupt but still plenty powerful. You may look into having that done at your local shop. It shouldn't take too long and front sprockets are cheap. Keep your old one so you can swap back when you're ready.
All the best.
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