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First of all, I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I am sorry in advance if I don't know what I'm talking about.

The trouble started about a year ago, when I went on a longer trip through some twisty roads. Lots of accelerating, decelerating and braking and when I came to a stoplight, the engine just stopped. It wouldn't start unless I also accelerated. If the revs dropped below something like 2500. I managed to get a few more miles like this until finally it wouldn't start at all. The mechanic I went to found there was motor oil in the spark plugs, which had to be replaced. I don't remember if he did anything else.

When I took it to my usual mechanic to check it, he said the engine was fine, except the compression for one cylinder was lower than for the other. Something like 10.5 and 8.5. Just a few months ago both were over 10.

Fast forward one year and the same symptoms presented themselves. This time after 30 minutes of 140kph highway usage. The engine works really rough and if left at idle it stops. If I let it be for 1 hour or more, it starts OK, but after some usage it can present the same symptoms.

Can someone enlighten me with what is going one? Why does the problem go away if I don't use the engine for some time? And what could have caused this large loss of compression? The temperature displayed is the same as before.

The model is a 650S from 2004. Thank you!
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