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Electrical Dies Completely, Immediately Returns - Need Help Please

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My bike just presented me with this problem yesterday. While running, the bike's electrical system will completely die for a split second, then return. The headlights, instrument cluster and engine all shut off. When the power comes back on, I haven't even had a chance to pull in the clutch so the engine fires back up, the instrument cluster goes through it's starting sequence, and everything is fine, until it happens again. I've had this problem occur when idling, at high RPM/high speed, low RPM/low speed. In a 20 minute ride, this can happen about 3 times randomly.

I checked the battery connections. Both are clean and properly connected.

Does anyone have any idea what the likely cause could be? The power is intermittent and I haven't blown the main fuse, so I'm ruling out a short unless a short could happen slow enough to kill the power but fast enough to not blow the fuse.

My other thought is the ignition switch.

Miscellaneous fact: I have a homemade GPI installed on the bike. It’s been on since the beginning of the season and I haven’t had any problems with it. It also returns to life when the bike turns back on.

Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated!

Thank you everyone!
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When fixing the intial issue (green ignition switch repair) here is the way to go about it.

1. Purchase a proper Open Barrel Terminal Crimper (unlike me D', lol)

2. Purchase Green connector which i would consider purchasing more then one i have/oops had four now i have two left, lol.
**4 Position .090 Waterproof Connector

3. Purchase the Headlight Relay Kit Waterproof.

4. electrical tape and then just wait...... then install..... then ride!!!!

Now, I am not sure this other alternative for the headlight relay will work but someone tell me... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.!

Could you possibly re-link the headlight relay kit? I'm not sure which to choose. I'm looking at this page. If there are different options, I'm looking for something as easy as possible. I have very little wiring experience. If I buy a kit like this, it is easier than following D's Relay mod, right?
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