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Finally, I've joined the club, my 1st bike in 15+ years.

Many thanks to the members here through the years who have helped me learn alot and fast through the hundreds of posts I read while I was paying for the bike...

Purchased from a good friend who commuted on it for about 8 years before it became his 2nd bike, meticulously maintained and well taken care of, came with I'm pretty sure every receipt for every dime he ever spent on it..
(...he's that guy)

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Plant Vehicle
..& LOOK at that CANNON exh. lol Jaysus!

100% bone stock 13 yr old bike aside from maintenance required replacements, it's like a damn museum piece,...
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Bicycle handlebar

...even had all 5 of the hideous warning stickers on the tank, fairing, and frame FFS!, what a pita that shit is after baking on for 13+ years. Here i'm test fitting the levers & bubble screen, & they all hit me at once yikes!..

1st week : swapped the wind screen, popped on the regulation tank pads and protectors, targeted those freekin warning stickers, & OE levers, + found a clean Sargent seat locally.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Car

I snagged a set of decent looking CNC levers, Assumed I'd likely have to shim them etc to get them feeling tight and smooth & I was rite! they feel tight AF & work awesome now..
I have a box of titanium hardware from my MTB builds etc, so anywhere I can swap out a steel bolt for Ti,. It Is On.

Found a cpl of areas needing love, the front brake reservoir is literally sunbaked plastic, cracking, crazing...time to go! new reservoir in hand, just waiting on the Galfer front lines..... levers are 100% better with shimmed, lubed pivots + Ti hardware...

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Scott is prob. the ONLY SV owner who replaced the front springs with an OE set of "heavier" SV springs (!?) almost 3 years ago, AND actually wore out the OE rear shock from commuting, and had it replaced around the same time.........with an OE rear shock (!?!) Look at this thing, its pristine...has maybe 300 miles on it in <3 years.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

.. it's days are numbered, a fresh Zx14 rear 'take-off ' has been cleaned inspected and ready for install (I'm a big boy these days @ 240+-) should take care of me till I drop the weight I'm working on and pop for that Penske rear to celebrate less of me...

Light Audio equipment Gas Auto part Household hardware

10 days now and I haven't even ridden it. Lots goin' on..finally last night I decided time to pull the damn stickers & ended the night with a new exhaust!

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Fender
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Crankset Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

Had to cut pipe down 3x to get it to the right length for the high mount connector pipe to fit properly... & decided F that OG Exh. hangar nub....

& then I installed a new Steve's T.R.E. & called it a nite.

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting

NEXT THING is DEFINITELY that freekin rear fender!!! Yeesh. but not bad for a busy ass week.

Next Up :

Hot Bodies fender eliminator kit, Lic plate bracket, integrated tail light & new rear signal lights + Carbon Hugger rear fender... Going for a custom rear end eventually w/ no grab bar, custom grab bar hole filler/seat cowl bracket, & matching grey or carbon fiber seat cowl,

New front brake res, Galfer Ft / Rr SS brake lines, & I FINALLY get to crack open that last liter of Illegal ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid in possibly North America in about 2 weeks,

SV1000 snorkle, Yamaha R6 throttle tube, on the way, TPS adj. analysis, tweaking later this mo...

Next month: Fork emulators, springs, damper rods, new rear shock, possibly new dogbones,... tuning.

2000 SV650 N
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I'm heartbroken. I'd have kept it a museum piece. To each his own.
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Lol apologies... most,....well at least not those ugly ass warning stickers...can be reversed with a little determination...
plus...I ain't running a museum..;-)

My chronic disability is an inability to leave anything I own stock....

EDIT: i stand corrected... apparently you CAN get those freekin stickers replaced!

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So I have spent, the last mo. wrenching, churning slowly through my pile of parts collected. Everything has gone very smooth so far,.. again MANY THANKS to the many forum members posting here about everything from: fender eliminators to riser bars to, fairing removal, lighting options, hell, you name it,'s in here multiple times.;-)

Aside from a nearly 2 week spell of just brutal heat and humidity its been chill and straight forward,.. I've only been out on the bike 2x for short errands but that's all about to change......

Phase 1 complete :
-Galfer SS brake lines w/Speed-bleeders, + SVRP double banjo bolt w/Speed-bleeder.
-Complete brake system flushed 2x w ATE Super Blue fluid. Uses ALOT of fluid, but really clears out most all crap stuck in calipers/reservoirs etc. at least 8 years since last complete system flush. Brakes are rock solid.
-Rr fender eliminated! chopped the fender off the base plate to keep the piece w/ the 'brackets' the electronics clip to...YEAY!! +
-All 6 ugly ass OEM warning stickers FINALLY removed after 13 years!.
-Delkevic 14in carbon fiber hi-mount slip-on exhaust w/titanium hardware + custom fabricated carbon fiber hanger bracket
-Complete LED lighting conversion: running lights, headlamps, turn signals, new smoked LED tail lamp w/integrated turn signals
-Customized fleabay alloy lic. plate bracket w/integrated LED plate light + turn signals
-New ft. brk. fluid reservoir, alloy cap, Ti hardware / ATE Super Blue brake fluid
-Rear swingarm spools.
-Steve's T.R.E.
-SV1000s Air box intake snorkle
-SVRP tank risers
-Fleabay adj. CNC brake/clutch levers - dis-assembled/shimmed, lubed, all hardware replaced with Ti./alloy,+ new clutch switch, rubber clutch cable cover
-The requisite tank protector + side panels
-Chopped OEM exh. hangar off pass. foot peg, painted footpeg brackets / pegs black
-Sargent World Sport custom seat
-Dark smoked small bubble windscreen
-Replaced a pile of steel hardware w/titanium or aluminum (upr/lwr fairings, fender, fender eliminator/bracket, chainguard, subframe, seat, tail section, rear sets, etc -

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Product Camera lens Fluid Reflex camera Camera accessory

a lil janky eh...? time for a li'l love. ALOT better! .

Pliers Snips Hand tool Wire stripper Tool
Hand tool Wood Tool Auto part Font

3rd time 'round, I finally figured best way to mount fleabay overkill lic plate bracket. Fabbed up the long bar as the simplest and cleanest,,,NOW they sell these with a wide mount bar like this....Mine came with a short 4 in wide mount, useless on the SV. Cleaned up and painted passenger pegs

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Engineering Wood
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design

Test fitting HB fender panel - + custom license plate hangar...HB Panel needs paint and i need to figure out what to do with the lighting.... already have dual integrated tail signals, I go with TRIPLES? ..

Tire Wheel Vehicle Window Automotive tire

.................why, yes in fact,....I do live alone.... what gave it away?

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive design

Shimmed, lubed, and TOIGHT like a TOIGA...

Automotive tire Bicycle part Automotive exterior Rim Automotive wheel system
White Product Blue Black Bag

LED headlamp bulbs FTW! Crazy bright, 5k white w/ TINY fans too.. wow...what a difference..!.

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Material property Auto part Electronic device Electric blue Wire
Product Material property Audio equipment Auto part Wire

Driven D3 grips w New Gel / Rubber R6 throttle tube

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting

Carbon Fiber turn signal mounting base / block off plate

Wood Flooring Hardwood Bumper Automotive exterior

100% Carbon Fiber Exh. hangar bracket

Tire Wheel Crankset Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Vehicle

Crankset Automotive tire Bicycle tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Galfer SS braided Steel brake lines

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle

Custom made Ft. brake line guides

Tire Land vehicle Fuel tank Wheel Automotive fuel system

Phase 2 in the next month or two....
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