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I wanted to take a poll on early spring rides in MN. Here in the Twin Cites 40-50's coming this weekend and into next week.

I'm starting to lose it and dying from the itch to ride! So I wanted to get everyones thoughts about early rides in the area. Roads will be dry, but left over salt and sand will be around until we get some good showers.

With salt dust and sand on the roads, are you hitting them anyway? Are you washing your bike right after your ride on these type of roads? Is there any big concerns? (I know the sand is an issue to beware of.)

Speak your minds my fellow riders of the north! :p

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I'll ride casually as soon as possible (not sporting, although some places will obviously be fine, if you scout them out once). Still, understand that falling is (as always) a possibility. Salt hasn't bothered me too much, but my rotors rusted right up after riding in the rain last week... maybe shoulda hosed it down. It's been sitting since, and I'll definitely clean it when it warms back up.

I personally never depend on the environment or whatever to keep me safe, if it's clear, ride hard, if it's not, take it easy -- spring, summer, fall, winter... always have to be aware of what MIGHT be around the next bend.

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