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can anyone advise me if my 2004 sv650s will run ok on this e10 fuel here in the uk ??
Cheers Dave
I've been running E10 on my 99 since it came in. No problems. I do however put an egg-cup full of Redex fuel cleaner in every 2nd/3rd tank of fuel as one of it's byproducts is it stabilizes the fuel along with keeping the fuel system nominal.

Sometimes it's on roll-back discount in ASDA and or Wilkos Supermarkets but if not I buy a triple pack/deal off eBay,

Redex Fuel system cleaner eBay UK

On a recent MPG check I got 58 MPG (UK gallon) so not too shoddy for a 23 year old SV650 methinks :D

I've been using Redex for over 40 years and never yet had a problem starting a motorcycle because of stale fuel when I used to ,"Winterize" my Motorcycles
1 - 3 of 3 Posts