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Hey guys, just got my bike rejetted / dyno tuned and here are the results for those who are interested.
It's a 2000 SV650S w/22k miles.
Relevant Mods: Full exhaust with Two Brothers can, K&N filter
It's a Factory Pro EC997 dyno, which to my understanding generally reads ~15% less than a DynoJet dyno, and a stock SV650 puts out about 60hp even on it.(
A 4-gas tester was used rather than just the wideband O2 sensor some places use.

The red line is before tuning/rejetting, the blue line and the text at the bottom are afterwards.
It peaked at around [email protected], though since it was sampled every 1k revs the max power could be slightly higher. I was impressed with how flat the torque curve was - it hits 75% of max torque at 2500rpms. The bike was running close to optimum beforehand, so not much was needed, but the main jet was increased from 137.5 to 140 and the pilot from 15 to 17.5. The tune/rejet gave me a little on the top end, and really smoothed out the off-idle where it was a bit jerky before. An increase of about 4whp with an exhaust and air filter seems about right to me, so I was happy with the results.
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