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duct taped digicam on the ninja first video ride

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on my favorite road

mounted the digicam on a mini tripod, and duct taped it on the left mirror...the camera is rattling and leaning to the right, and there is a lot of wind noise...

since this is my first video ride...what do you guys and gals think?
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it says no stopping any time!!!!... nice, loos pretty clear
Nice road and good picture quality, but I'd say try mounting it in/on your helmet or to the handlebars or something for a bit of a better angle. :)
That's cool, but maybe you could rig a ball mount for the camera to be more secure. ;)
i want to see the duct tape job! haha. good video though!
i'll see if i can take a picture
Cool vid, throw some music in it and ditch the noise I say.
i want to see the duct tape job! haha. good video though!
here is my camera set up...don't laugh!
Cool. Looks like you had it leaned over pretty good. Wish there some roads like that near me.
I hate you and your beautiful, awesome road near your house.

Nice job!
palos verdes, california

wish i knew how to post are a couple of urls

guess what part of the road corresponds with the video...
sweet pics that looks like a blast! now i'm really excited for my ride to cali this summer. i'm going to be hitting up the pacific coast highway starting in LA and riding all the way up to the golden gate bridge. it's going to be amazing!!
Aw man, you ruined the hunt. I was trying to see if I could match up a road that twists like that to one near San Pedro Lock & Key. :D

Nice setup, though. I've got a friend with a 250 (me, too) that's looking at budget mounting ideas, I'll send him the links in case it gives him some ideas :)
Nice road!

Nice vis also. Funny how the guy on the bicycle didn't fall too far behind on the descent (I used to do that a lot).

Oh, and nicely executed U-turns... you can see the reversed key chain...i am up and down this road just about everyday
I'd say ditch the Ninja and refilm the video. Do you even own an SV?
I'd say ditch the Ninja and refilm the video. Do you even own an SV?
maybe i'll tape the camera on my was on my mind till i got a deal on the zzr :)
it is after midnight here in los angeles and i can't sleep

so guys and gals, in the meantime i'd appreciate it if you check the video again and leave a comment, critique, or whatever...regarding road condition, scenery, video, riding technique, etc...

i am getting to be a postwhore ;)
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