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This thread will be slow moving after the start, as it will consist mainly of maintenance. I'm fairly happy with the nearly stock appearance, and don't have major modifications planned in that arena. This is as much to document the condition, care and feeding of my bike.

As purchased, it had CRG LS mirrors mounted, and was missing the gauge pod cowls. The previous owner had dropped it, scratching his preferred mirrors (a set of Napolean bar end mirrors) and one side cowl piece.

It came with a Two Brothers M2 Carbon exhaust, SV gel seat, an unknown fender delete kit, stubby aluminum front signals and LED cheapo rear signals.

A replacement right front cowl section was on order at the time I purchased the bike.

I re-installed the Napoleon mirrors, as I felt I could see much better with them than the CRG's. I also installed the cowl and flyscreen as soon s it arrived. The left side included a hole for the heated grip switch.

I also picked up a pair of saddle bags and a small tank bag off CraigsList, so that I could carry groceries home.

I then added new Metzler Sportec M3 tires, blue reflective wheel tape, Motosliders, and HammerGrips.

To date, the only other changes are:
  • Repack of the muffler
  • Added P2R silencer tip and spark arrester
  • Added 12v outlet under the seat
  • Installed, then removed, a RAM mount for cell phone (vibrations caused issues with my Galaxy S4)
  • Installed aftermarket black brake and clutch levers
  • Purchased a different rear bag to replace the small saddle bags
Upcoming modifications will be mostly performant:
  • Install '08 GSX R750 rear shock (on order)
  • Perform upgrades to front forks (exact specs to be determined. Currently considering .90kg/mm RaceTech+emulators)
  • Paint/powdercoat rearsets and passenger pegs/mounts black
  • Add Puig windscreen
Updates will follow as changes are made.

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Nearly complete record of ownership so far

2006 Suzuki SV650
Purchased on 6/3/2013
Miles: 6650 (6500 when I started riding it)
* Bike
* Heated Grips
* Two Brothers racing M2 V.A.L.E. exhaust
* Stock Mirrors
* 2 sets aftermarket mirrors
* Extra, original stock seat
* Original stock grab bar
* SRAD lowering links
* Extra front turn signal
* Scratched right front cowl
* Rear work stand
* Dunlop D220 Sport Turing tires

I added:
* 12v socket
* small saddlebags
* tank bag
* Throttle palm rest (cruise helper - "Cramp Buster")

6/10/2013 At 6860 miles:
* Muffler repacked with new fiberglass material

6/13/2013 7010 miles
* Added P1R tip and spark arrester to muffler.

6/27/13 7691 miles:
* oil and filter with Mobil 1 15w50, chrome H&R oil filter
* added RAM Mount for cell phone.

7/6/2013 8144 miles:
* New tires: Metzler Sportec M3, 160/60ZR17, 120/60ZR17, $339.89 after taxes
* Cleaned, lubed and checked chain

* Installed MotoSliders frame protectors

* Added reflective blue rim tape

* Added 3M film to rear body, and spots on tank.

8/19/2013 10520 miles:
* oil change with Mobil 1 15w50.
* oil sample taken to be mailed to Blackstone Labs.

8/27/2013 10657 miles:
* Added HammerGrips tank grips.
* Removed most of the bar mount for phone until later.

8/28/2013 10657 miles:
* Installed 434Racer adjustable brake and clutch levers, black with blue adjusters.
* Received Tailbag.

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Shock is installed. It did drop the rear a little, so now I'm trying to decide if it's OK as is, should I drop the front a little, or should I get new dogbones made to bring it back up... What I've been able to discern so far is that in low-speed cornering, it seem a little harder to stand back up. Like it wants to stay over and just keep going around in a circle. I like having it a little closer to the ground, but that wierd feeling like it's going to tip over now is something I think I'd rather do without.

When I get back to Seattle next month, I'm going to see if I kind find a machine shop to make a couple pairs of dogbones in a couple different lengths to try. After, of course, removing and measuring the existing, stock 'bones.

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Recently installed Steve's aTRE. Didn't notice much of a power difference, but did find that shifting was smoother.

And another less fuzzy pic of the bike with the new windscreen...


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Installed RaceTech .90 Kg/m springs, RaceTech Cartridge Emulators and 20wt fork oil.
Damper rods drilled with 2 additional 5/32" holes rather than increasing diameter of existing 4 holes.
Emulator preload at 2 turns out (default).
Fork preload at 2-1/2 rings showing.

On stands getting ready for disassembly:

Forks off:

Damper rods drilled (back in fork tubes), New spacers cut, getting ready for re-assembly...

Thanks O.C. SV650S for all the help!

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Installed my new RennTec "luggage" rack (it might be big enough for a 6-pack...)


Better idea of the size:

Right about 13,800 on the clock now.

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Well... guess it's time for a few updates.

I've been mostly commuting, done a bunch of oil changes, and gone through more tires. Each of two Metzler Sportec M3 rear tires lasted roughly 9K miles each, and the front was finally getting low at roughly 18K when the second rear was pretty well done.

Most recent items include:
* New chain and sprockets, 16/44 teeth, from at 25K miles
* New tires, F & R, Pilot Road 3's, shortly after the chain.
* Yet another oil & filter change
* New spark plugs and valves checked at 26,001 miles

Coming soon: Steering head bearings. There's a little bit of a notch at center. Sigh.

Future desires:
* Headlight upgrade, thinking LED.
* Accessory fuse box/distribution block
* Voltmeter
* Toying with the idea of locating a front fairing, and customizing to have it mounted on the forks rather than to the frame...

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My phone charger stopped working. So, I took it apart, found that the internal fuse had blown (possibly due to a short during a hail storm). Now in progress: Modifying the charger so that I can wire it more directly on a switched circuit and with an external fuse.

Here's a pic with the fuse removed, and leads added for later additional wiring work to replace the 12-volt socket system:

Note the jumper replacing a soldered in fuse, which will be replaced upstream. Fuse was a 2amp 250v fuse. Having it on a switched circuit instead of always on would have prevented the issue, as I believe the short happened when water was able to cross the connector contacts during a recent rain/hailstorm.

Now I just need to build a power distribution system with external fuses, and add my grip heaters to that system. As well as running a direct line from battery to headlights with a relay.


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Last weekend I spent a couple hours with my favorite local mechanic. Over the last 2 years of commuting, the rear cargo rack had been vibrating over the tail on a fairly rough freeway, work-hardening the aft rear seat brace and finally cracking the brace. So I sourced a replacement subframe from Mad8vskilz, and took that to my local shop.

Pics of the carnage:

Everything went back together smoothly, and I'll be saving the installation of the rack for times when I need it.
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